Concept categories

Favorite concepts

You can bookmark your favorite concepts by clicking on the desired concept.

This category lists all concepts from GO and MeSH that are highly relevant for the documents on the right side. For example, if you searched for P53 you get:

This top-level category spans a tree of all concepts from GO and MeSH related to the query:

Find concept in knowledge base

This category allows searching for a certain concept (category) within the background knowledge (GO, MeSH, Journals, Locations).

Proteins and genes

This category lists everything for the query “relevant proteins”. For autistic disorder one gets:

Authors category

This category helps you find leading scientists and centers in the biomedical area. After performing a search, authors of all relevant abstracts are listed under the Authors category. The number of search results must be below 20,000; otherwise semantic analysis takes to long.

Clicking on the author’s name and again clicking on “Profile” will show his/her profile. Novel and sophisticated techniques for person disambiguation were used in order to exactly categorize the millions of author names that appear in the PubMed database. If two articles share the same author, GoPubMed evaluates their similar properties. The system takes into account that the author of each paper often publishes about similar research topics, with the same co-authors and in the same journals. The research topics are thereby connected to the concepts of the semantic network in the background. The more concepts two articles have in common and the shorter the semantic distance in the network of concept categories is, the more likely it is that the same person wrote these articles. This approach leads to impressive accuracy. If the system is not correct, it can be corrected by the users.


All journals for the query are listed in this category. “High Impact Journals” and “Reviews only” can be selected here. “Unknown Journal” contains publications with an unknown journal tag. Specific journals also can be searched in the knowledge base.


Geographic localization of persons, centers, universities, and so on are found under the location category.

Publication date

This category shows the years of the publications for your query in the publication date category. By clicking on today, last week, month, year, and so on, the time window for the search can be changed. The category “All times” lists all related years sorted by time.

Explore current query

This category shows all parts of your query. This makes sense if your query is more complex and consists of many logically connected parts. For example, the query Proteins[mesh] (France[mesh] OR Spain[mesh]) NOT (2002[time] OR 2003[time]) leads to the following result. You can see at a glance how much each concept contributes to the whole result set.

Previous queries

This category lists queries from the past.

Reviews only

This category filters the result list for those marked as reviews.

Free full-text articles only

This category filters the result list for those where the full text exists.