Examples for semantic search with GoPubMed®

Which diseases are associated with HIV?
Type “HIV[mesh]” using autocompletion. Take a look at the MeSH top-level diseases. Among others, hepatitis and tuberculosis are mentioned. Clicking on “With tuberculosis” retrieves the relevant articles including statements such as “The major risk factors observed among the patients were previous history of tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and human immunodeficiency virus infection” or “Tuberculosis (TB) has re-emerged over the past two decades: in industrialized countries in association with immigration, and in Africa owing to the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic.” If you are interested in articles about HIV that are not related to hepatitis, you have to exclude the concept hepatitis by using “Without hepatitis”. Customize your view! Simply show or hide concepts you do or you do not want to see. From simple keywords to complex advanced searches, GoPubMed® offers a wide spectrum of possibilities. See how context changes search results.

Where are leading centers and who are scientists for liver transplantation in Germany?
Type “Liver Transplantation[mesh] Germany[geo]”. The autocompletion feature makes it easy. At the top of the list “Neuhaus P” is shown. Professor Peter Neuhaus works at the Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany and is a leading specialist in the field.

In the location category under Germany, the city “Berlin” is shown.
Clicking on “top author” shows his profile.
By clicking on “contact” you can send a message to the author. The message will be checked by the GoPubMed® team and then sent to the author. Errors in the author profile can be corrected using the “correct” button.

Which topics are Craig C. Mello and Andrew Z. Fire working on?
Search for “Mello C[au] Fire A[au]”. Now inspect the categories. Following the “highly related concepts”, the answer is automatically extracted:

  • Caenorhabditis elegans
  • RNA, Double-Stranded
  • RNA interference

Craig C. Mello and Andrew Z. Fire obtained the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2006 for their discovery of RNA interference – gene silencing by double-stranded RNA.
Co-authors, localities, and representative journals can now be examined at a glance.

Which cellular component is the protein rab5 associated with?
Search for “rab5”. Following the concept “endosome”, GoPubMed® shows that more than 50 percent of all retrieved papers containing the query “rab5” are related to “cellular component”.

Which disease is rhodopsin involved in?
Search for “rhodopsin” and in just one mouse click on “Diseases” your question is quickly answered. The most important diseases related to rhodopsin are shown under this category.
More than 4,000 diseases can be explored.

Which biological processes are inhibited by aspirin?
Search for “aspirin inhibits”. By inspecting the category “biological_process” you can very quickly understand that “cyclooxygenase pathway” is the pathway related to your query.

Which organism is mostly involved in toluene degradation?
Search for “toluene degradation”. GoPubMed® knows that “Pseudomonas” and “Bacteria” are involved in toluene degradation.

Which proteins are most relevant for sickle cell anemia?
Sickle cell anemia, defined as “a disease characterized by chronic hemolytic anemia, episodic painful crises, and pathologic involvement of many organs,” is mostly related to Blood Proteins, Hemeproteins, and Membrane Proteins. With GoPubMed® you can see that 2,500 different proteins are related to your query.